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GP Manpower Survey 2015 – Newsletter


The Final Report has now been moved to a PAGE.

Is the cup half empty or just half full? That is the question as the GP Manpower Survey carried during May and June this year (2015) shows that a surprising number of GPs now work a four day week of less. Only about 10% now work 5 days. One could say no wonder there are recruitment problems as doctors prefer to work as locums and not make a commitment to general practice. Having said that only around 25% of GPs are salaried.

There is pressure on GPs now to work a 7 day week. It seems from the result of this survey that that is highly unlikely.

Take a look at the Newsletter attached here.

GP Manpower Survey Newsletter final version 2015

A full report will be published later as the respondent’s to the survey receive a copy first.

Many thanks to the respondents and to the web site for supporting the survey.

Robert Campbell – 1st July 2015