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Happy and Healthy 2021

As I once again ponder the effects of a virtually total lockdown, I like many others I am sure, start to feel even more reluctant to leave the house. A phone conversation yesterday with a local GP made me understand even more starkly the fear that faces GPs and their staff each day. The doctor concerned had faced a Covid patient but had had her first vaccination. The concern in her voice was tangible.

Today, New Years Day is 300 days since we started limiting our activities. We no longer go to the supermarket. We think twice about going to hospital appointments. Dental appointments are very limited. A trip to the pharmacy is for use a 20 mile round trip.

So as we look forward I ask why mess patients about by delaying the second vaccine. Why aren’t vaccines being administered today, tomorrow and on Sunday. Surely, it must be a case of all capable hands on deck. It feels more like jumping off the plank. Who is holding up distribution. Surgeries should be administering vaccines for 10 hours each day by now!

We managed 8 days abroad before we were repatriated in early November. We were tested on arrival in Funchal and sent to our hotel to isolate until the result came through 12 hours later. We asked ourselves why foreign visitors and U.K. nationals have not been tested on arrival in the U.K. What has been the excuse? Yet now secondary school pupils will be tested. I have to say that there have been some curious and concerning judgment calls.

Nevertheless let’s hope for a better 2021 and that we can avoid catching this horrible disease.

Robert Campbell


Robert Campbell

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Started work writing medical cards in 1966 at Staffordshire Executive Council. Have worked at Inner London Executive Council, Hertfordshire Executive Council, Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham FPC, Birmingham FPC, Dudley FPC and Wakefield FPC and Family Health Services Authority. I was seconded to the NHS Appeals Unit and have worked as a full time GP practice manager since 1992 until 2010. I was also an AMSPAR trainer at Park Lane College, Leeds. Now I work as a freelance author.