Interview Questions (Practice Staff)

 “By the way, what do you think is the meaning of life”. Answer “42”.

This is a set of sample questions I have used or adapted over the years for surgery staff interviews, with a credit to John Mitchell’s Book, Managers Toolbox.

The interviewers should introduce themselves by name and role and the. The interviewee should introduce themselves. Perhaps have a name plate in front of them or wear a badge. The invitation to interview letter should say who the interviewers will be.

The Interviewers might share the question between them and use a system of marking the response.

Ice Breaker

  • How did you find your journey here today?
  • What have you found out about our surgery?
  • Have you been shown around the building?

Career Development

  • Tell us about your career so far?
  • What is the reason for leaving your present job?

Job Description

  • Having looked at the job description, what skills and knowledge would you have to contribute to the job?
  • What would you dislike in the job description?

Skills and Knowledge

  • What skills do you consider you are deficient in and need to develop?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What do you think is your best achievement at work in your career so far?

Work Life Balance

  • How do you achieve a work life balance?
  • Is there anything we should know or be aware of that might affect your ability to do the job?
  • What do you aspire to doing and achieving in the next five years?
  • Are you happy to work variable hours or do you prefer standard hours of work?

Team Working

  • How would you approach joining an established team of staff?
  • Would you have any problem delegating tasks to other team members and how would you monitor progress?

Dealing with Situations

  • How do you deal with difficult people and demanding situations?
  • How would you deal with and react if you found a risk of a breach of confidentiality at work?
  • How might you deal with a situation whereby you know the answer to a problem, when other longstanding members of the team think they know best?
  • The Practice has many policies, procedures and protocols. In what circumstances might you break the rules?

Contract Terms and Conditions

  • What terms and conditions, such as salary, leave and sick pay are you expecting from this post?

Periods of Notice

  • How much notice would you need to give if offered the post?


  • Are there any questions you would like to ask?

The Chair of the Interview Panel should inform the candidate how the decision to select will be made and should ask whether the interviewees references can be taken.

Clearly you should add in to take out questions if you consider some do not fit the bill and that there are others of your own design you prefer.