PRACTICE STAFF – Staff Pay and Conditions Survey 2016

Summary of Survey Results by Table in a nutshell

Pay Survey by Table in a nutshell

During the summer of 2016, with the support of the Practice Index web site,, data was collected using Survey Monkey from 100 GP Practices about the terms and conditions of employment used in General Practice and the hourly rates paid to a range of Practice Staff.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions covered included, the use of pay systems such as the NHS Agenda for Change, the payment for working overtime, additional hours and extended hours. It looked at whether GP Practices used an incremental salary scale and whether increments were awarded ‘automatically’ or as a result of ‘satisfactory service’ ,  It also asked whether Practices made bonus payments to staff.  A key finding was that the majority of GP Practices do not use NHS pay systems.

Staff Pay

The second part of the Survey looked at the hourly rates paid to Medical Receptionists, Medical Secretaries, Data and Scanning Clerks, Dispenser, Office Managers, Practice Managers, Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners.

It was not the aim of the survey say what should be paid but rather to investigate what was being paid and allow readers to form their own conclusions.

The Key Results of the Survey are:

  • “67% of GP Practices surveyed use their own Pay system.”
  • “58% of GP Practices only award increments to staff for ‘Satisfactory Service”.
  • “6% of Practice Staff posts earn only the National Living Wage (£7.20)”.
  • “17% of Practice Staff posts earn less than the NHS minimum wage (£7.80)”.
  • 38% of GP Practices operate a system of awarding a Bonus payments to staff each year”.
  • “Only 29% of GP Practices make an annual Cost of Living increase consistently”.
  • “55% of GP Practices have set the Standard Working Week at 37.5 hours (7.5 per day).”
  • “Only 11% of GP Practices pay ‘time and a half’ for Overtime.”
  • “Only 20% of GP Practices pay ‘time and a half for Extended hours.”
  • “66% of GP Receptionists have a starting salary lower than the minimum wage paid to NHS Staff.”

The short version of the Survey is available using the link below.



The origin of this Pay Survey lies in an experience ‘enjoyed’ by the author arriving in a Practice as a ‘locum manager’ to find a manual pay system in place and staff grumbling that they had not been awarded an annual increment and finding little or no reference to what the pay scales were or how they had been derived. The ‘manager’ was off sick for 6 months and communication was incoherent. A major task ensued transferring the manual payroll to a computerised system. This was only two years ago!

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