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This page provides ‘ready made’ presentations for use in practice staff training.

Staff Appraisal – Guide to carrying out appraisals for staff

Staff appraisals can be a sensitive issue. They have to be done by hook or by crook but what is the best way to do them. Personally I find appraisals a bit of a chore. Appraisals for senior managers and senior staff are not so bad. It should be possible to easily come up with objectives. But for reception and clerical staff I often find it difficult. Training might include life skills, child protection issues, call handling, customer care as well as basis computer skills but I have tended to find that with most long serving reception staff the ground has already been covered. New staff however, might need training in confidentiality issues, dealing with aggression and team building. Here are some notes to help you on the way…………

Attached Document – Appraisal – Notes for Staff

Confidentiality – Chinese Whispers

Confidentiality is often a topic that causes some debate and disagreement. – This presentation is designed to train GP Practice Staff on issues relating to confidentiality. Is it appropriate to call patients to a consulting room by name? One Practice I worked with and of whom I was a patient had a fascinating system of calling patients. It involved a peg board and what can only be described as coloured and numbered hoola hoops.  There was a visual display with both lights and sound. There was a board with each doctor’s name displayed. When a doctors was ready to call a patient a bell rang and the name board lit up. The patients had been given a coloured ring relating to their doctor which bore a number. The game was to match the number with the previous number of the same colour – if it was your turn your ring needed to be placed on the hook below the display board. And then it was your turn! The premise behind the system was simply that in a multi-lingual practice and there being many patients with exactly the same name. e.g Mohammed Singh.

One exercise to use with groups of six or more staff is an game I simply called ‘Mickey Mouse’. The game is to pass a short message ‘secretly along the line from one person to the next and lo and behold at the end of the line the message will probably have changed quite significantly.

Typical Message

“At around 10:15am last Monday morning the National Westminster Bank in Pudsey was robbed at gunpoint by a man wearing a mickey mouse mask”.

The presentation below gives a general background to confidentiality.

Attached Document – Chinese Whispers 

Blood Transfusions

This presentation outlines the work of the National Blood Service and was used in an AMSPAR Practice Management Diploma course.

Attached Document – National Blood Service

Clerical Tasks

You may find this document helpful when drafting job descriptions for clerical staff.

Attached Document – Clerical Tasks

Making a Presentation

Giving a presentation to a group of people can be a daunting experience – these days Practice Managers and their staff often have to explain new and changed procedures to their colleagues and may not be used to ‘public speaking’. The attached presentation gives a few pointers on how to tackle a presentation.

Attached Document  – Making a Presentation

Tricky Encounters

Dealing with difficult people sadly is becoming a common occurrence.  Keeping calm and being patient are key to dealing with tricky encounters. The attached presentation looks at dealing with difficult people and offers ways of handling the situations effectively.  One typical piece of advice is to make the person who is being ‘difficult’ sit down before you talk to them and make sure you have the nearest escape out of the room.

Attached Document  – Tricky Encounters – Dealing with Aggression

  What is a Supervisor 

This presentation was designed to help explain to new team leaders of Supervisors what their role was in the Practice organisation.

What is a Supervisor



The presentations set out on this page were originally prepared for use on external Practice Management and Medical Receptionist Courses and for in-house training sessions. If you would like a copy of any presentation on this web site in a format such as a PowerPoint file rather than a PDF file please email me –

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