Abbreviations used in General Practice Management

This is a list of 70 abbreviations found in general practice management along with links to web sites.

Abbreviations commonly used in GP Management

Model Staff Contract 

Kingfisher Model Staff Contract

This is a model staff contract which is quite extensive and would need to be adapted for use in your own practice. The CQC when carrying out an inspection are asking to see a selection of staff contract files and expect a copy of the staff contract of employment.

Clerical Duties – Task Sorter

Clerical Tasks

This simple list of duties and tasks might help you when working out what staff do or revising or writing their job descriptions. It can also be used to tick off tasks when training has occurred.

Practice Manager Grading Exercise

Practice Manager Grading Exercise 2011

This document was used during my AMPSAR lectures to help managers determine their grade. It was always one of the first lectures on the course and caused quite some consternation when the managers on the course realized how their salaries compared or more like did not compare with others.

GP Practice Managers Handbook – latest version

GP Practice Managers Manual July 2015

This is the up to date version of an extensive handbook for a new practice manager. The problem I experienced was having no information to hand on my first day in a new job. So I decided to compile this Handbook at three practices subsequently.

Practice Index –   has published an extensive Manual and Dictionary.

Career Development Exercise

Career Cards

Here is an exercise you could use at an Appraisal for a member of staff that is uncertain about their future. Create a set of cards from the document attached. Ask the staff member to select those cards that mean the most to them. Then choose just 10 cards on a final sort.



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