Have you had your 2018 flu jab yet?

The Flu Campaign this year has developed into a joke.

In a blaze of publicity, the NHS is sounding off about staff who refuse to have a flu jab demanding to know why. Yet we mere mortals who are in an at risk group can’t get a flu jab in many parts of the country  for love nor money.

There are three vaccines on offer this year depending on your age, but they are being released in stages.

In late September an initial supply hit GP Surgeries and pharmacies but probably because a first come first served system was used to offer jabs they soon ran out.

Now those of use who booked appointments have been told – sorry we’ve run out come later in October. Pharmacies in different parts of Cumbria has also run out.

Why when stocks were limited by numbers did not Practices only book appointments for what they could actually supply. It is beyond belief.

Im my Practice in West Yorkshire we appointed a member of staff to manage supplies.  A close check was kept on how all vaccines were being used and if an appointment had been booked vaccines were set aside. It’s called managing!