GP Services 24 hours per day 7 days per week


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Both the Labour and Conservative Parties at their annual confrences have made bold pre-election promises that more money will be injected into the family doctor services post the election. But more money does not solve the manpower problems, the growing list sizes and the trend to push more and more care into the community.

In my experience GPs will only work the days and hours they want to. The attraction of more funds may encourage some to work at weekends and nights or stay open for longer days. But the make up of the manpower has been changing with more part time doctors and more working a four day week. These changes have been taking place slowly and quietly since 2004 whne the new contract was introduced by Labour and the facts and figues collected by health organisations I suspect do not reflect the true picture.

The political parties will need to be sure of their facts before hey embark on expecting a 24 hours 7 day service.


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