Training services for Practice Staff have become internet rather than college based. Practices are lucky if they can get in-house training but the biggest problem is wanting to pay for it. This page offers some do it yourself ideas.

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This session was designed to provide an entertaining and thoughtful two hour look at ‘keeping mum’ in a medical practice surgery. It was first used on an AMSPAR Practice Managers Diploma course but subsequently at Practice Staff training sessions. It is aimed at a group of around 10 people and will take about two hours to do the session justice.

A set of handouts and a PowerPoint Presentation can also be provided – enquires to



Dealing with Aggression and Difficult People

This session as designed as a thought-provoking session to allow practice staff to look about the difficult encounters they have to deal with each day – to analyse the situations that stress them out and offer a solution to work with. A set of handouts and a PowerPoint Presentation can also be provided – enquires to



This session was designed as a training event for GP Practice staff receptionist and telephonists to help develop and improve telephone skills. A set of handouts and a PowerPoint Presentation can also be provided – enquiries to

Working on the Telephone


30 Plus Questions that might arise at the Surgery Reception – Exercise

This session is designed as a training exercise for GP Practice receptionists. The 30 plus questions take staff through the working day and ask staff to say how they would deal with the person at the reception and what other steps or action would need to be taken. The same questions might be asked at different times of day but the answers might not be the same!

Exercise 30 Question at Reception


Using the right words to run an appointments system

Here is a PowerPoint presentation designed as a discussion tool for a meeting with reception staff.

The Magic Word for Appointments

Robert Campbell – October 2015


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