Keeping the Wolves at bay!

How do you keep the ‘Wolves’ from your door?

As Practice Managers become busier and busier what technique do you use to allow yourself to get the job done. I often touched and dealt with the short tasks first and left the bigger tasks to times of the day or week when I knew I was less likely to be disturbed. I did tend to keep an open door but when it came to the crunch and the open door wasn’t working I closed it firmly and along with the list below used various tactics with varying degrees of success. My top ten were:

1. Stop taking telephone calls
2. Closing my door even putting a DND sign up.
3. Saying I was going on annual leave or leaving early that day
4. Doing overtime or working on Saturday – never Sunday
5. Working from home
6. Not attending meetings
7. Telling them I’m doing the payroll – always worked!
8. Binning the task and not doing it at all
9. Keeping a list of tasks to do and showing the doctors!
10. Delegating the job – sadly rarely

What would your tips be and do they work?