NHS Pharmacies – Tablets change colour and size


As a patient who takes now 5 ‘white’ tablets each day I am often confused about which tablets I put into my daily medicine box. In the past 12 months one of my tablets has changed from a dark orange to a light orange. Another of my capsules has changed size and colour. And a third capsule has been replaced by a different brand. The capsule which I have taken for years is no longer widely available I believe due to manufacturing problems.

Then there are my inhalers – they too have changed in size and in my opinion their effectiveness. Thankfully the colour of the inhaler has not changed. The meanness of prescribers though s to issue one at a time. If you suffer with asthma you would understand the importance of having a sparfe inhaler.

The final twist to the change of colour and size is the prescription of quantities. Two months supply seems to be par for the course thesedays.

I do wonder if I was much older and did not have all (or most) of my faculties whether I could manage to cope with all the colour changes and the size and shape changes of my medication.