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“It’s not a bottomless pit”!

Steps are being taken throughout general Practice to reduce the prescribing of medications for minor ailments that can be bought at a pharmacy ‘over the counter’. NHS England have published a leaflet for patients which explains what GPs are trying to do, encouraged by CCGs and Practice Pharmacists. But are those promoting the non-prescribing of OTC products overstepping the… Read more →

Sunday Newspapers and Ghost Patients

Yet again the national Sunday press are harping on about ghost patients and the apparent cost to the NHS of over £500 million pounds per annum. Ghost patients is a problem that NHS Managers in Primary Care have been aware of since the inception in the NHS on 5/7/1948. When I first started work in 1996 we used to send… Read more →

New Guides to Policies

I have added to the Practice Index Forum two new documents to help GP Practice Managers prepare Policies, Protocols, Procedures, Plans and Presentations that might be required by the Care Quality Commission. It all started with the voluntary Quality Framework so the first shorter document give a summary of the topics that as a bare essential ought to be covered… Read more →

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