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Out of Hours GPs – At What Cost!

Newspaper reports this weekend quote potential earnings for out of hours GPs that show the serious problems that face manning the health service. Has the Government and NHS England been oblivious to the true cost of running out of hours services.? Has it not twigged that come 6.30pm on a Friday night GPs switch off their responsibility for the treatment… Read more →

Phoning Your GP - is it a rip off

Phoning Your GP – is it a rip off

Phoning Your GP – the arguments The arguments about GP practices using 084 telephone numbers continue unabated. The BBC Rip Off Britain programme claimed this week that despite ‘guidance’ issued by NHS England in 2010 over 260 practices still use an 084 number. Even though the Terms of Service for GPs has been amended to effectively ban the use of… Read more →

GP Services 24 hours per day 7 days per week

  COMMENTS – If you have any Comments on this post please email   Both the Labour and Conservative Parties at their annual confrences have made bold pre-election promises that more money will be injected into the family doctor services post the election. But more money does not solve the manpower problems, the growing list sizes and the trend… Read more →

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